Disney’s Frozen has caused a divorce

I am a fan of all things Disney but I wasn’t hyped up to see Frozen, this didn’t stop me going to see it in the cinema. I was mind boggled, I fell in love with all of the characters and the meaning of the story – self-empowerment. At the time I was finishing my first term of my last year at University so it spoke to me on a personal level as it did with many others. Of course there are people who don’t like it as we all have different views, when this happens most of us put this down to a difference in opinion and leave it at that.

However, in Japan this is a completely different story. A women actually divorced her husband because he said that Frozen was “OK” and that he “didn’t really care for it personally”. She turned around and said “If you can’t understand what makes this movie great, there’s something wrong with you as a human being!” and she wants a divorce.

The man was shocked by her decision that he posted on a Japanese marriage blog about his experience and sated that there were no underlying problems in their marriage and that he makes enough money to keep her secure and happy.

This goes to show the power of Disney films and that no-one should underestimate them.


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