My name is Annabelle Luce, I am a Graphic Designer who studied at the University of Bolton. My style is diverse and I have good skills in:

  • InDesign
  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • After Effects

I am more than willing to learn new skills and I relish the opportunity. Solving problems, doing research and organising events and people is where I am comfortable. I have many qualities such as: a good communicator, successful team-worker and a natural self-starter. I have excellent time-management and organisational skills; I am able to multi-task efficiently and I have a stable, dependable personality.

During my undergraduate life I have engaged in many extra curricular activities. I was a student representative, student ambassador, peer mentor for sixth form and undergraduate students. I have also volunteered to help with many exhibitions for my peers. While undertaking these responsibilities, I have managed to complete my university work on time and to a high standard including the many live briefs that I have participated in.

My career aspirations are to be a part of a marketing, account executive or print managing team as I feel that my skills are more suited to these part of the industry. I am also interested in developing my professional knowledge by doing a Masters at some point in the future around Advertising and Marketing.

I hope that you explore my blog and enjoy what you see.

Click here for my portfolio.


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