Be A Hero

This was my Personal Project at university.

The idea behind it came from my personal experience while growing up and attending my village life saving club run by volunteers. I gained an important skill during this experience and it is a skill that I will never forget. Therefore, I wanted to give this opportunity to those who don’t have the money to learn first aid and as the government is refusing to put it in the national school curriculum to creat a scheme similar to the one that I attended.

Therefore, my campaign is aimed at 7-11 year old boys and girls from inner cities plus professionals with the skills and passion to teach first aid so we can change peoples lives for the better.

The research for this project was conducted mainly with my report “Basic’ skills as lacking in younger generation[s]’ How can visual communications solve this?


I named the scheme/campaign Be A Hero because that is what will happen to those who learn first aid as they could be someone’s real life hero. Balloons were used to invoke happiness and fun times as we wants everyone to enjoy themselves.

We also created a mascot called Riley the Wiley Rabbit – Riley for short. He will appear on all the promotional materials accompanied by his two friends a bird and a squirrel. For the kids Riley will appear as a superhero while the adults will see him injured, as the different audiences ned to see him differently so they can relate.

Once the children have completed this scheme they receive a toy Riley so they can always ember the fond times they spent at the club.

Print Promotion

There will be two posters for this campaign one for the the kids, the other for the adults. Accompanying these will be a kids editorial that will be featured in popular kids magazines and a press ad for the adults that will be in trade magazines for teachers, police officers, etc. as well as these items there will. Also be a flyer aimed at kids and this parents because the kids won’t be able to attend without their parents say so.


The website has two sides – one for the kids and the other for adults. The adult’s side holds more information than the kids and the copy writing is very different as they are very different audiences.

The website also holds members only places for everyone involved including the parents.

The kids side hold what they need to achieve to become a Hero and once they have completed their section then they can download a trophy poster to put up on their walls. There is also a homework page which is a quiz set by their leader, this will also help towards to kids completing the scheme.

The adults side holds resources for the leaders and parents with the option of requesting more information. There is also a progress page, if you are a leader then you will be able to see everyone’s progress in your group but if you are a parents/guardian then you can only see your child’s progress.

Both members sides have a page where people can contact each other through emails to their personal email account. The emails will go through a sever that monitors what people are saying to each other plus emails to the kids will go to their parents emails to help cut down on possible cyber bullying.



Additional Marerials

Roll-up banners will be used within the schools that was go and recruit the kids for the scheme and any other activities that we do to recruit.

There is also a sign up pack as you cannot sign up online to help protect the kids from predictors.


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