Access Sport

Organised and led by one the North West’s leading design and digital agencies Entyce, the Entyce Design Awards (EDA) were created following a strong desire to support up and coming design talent in the local community.

This brief is a live competition held every year for the past 3 years. Students studying in the North West were encouraged to enter. However, year on year, the number of entrants has grown considerably, leading the EDA to invite design students studying throughout the UK.

The brief as for a charity named Access Sport and there were different categories to enter and you could do more than one. There was an branding, advertising, web design, banner design and promotional material briefs.


This idea centres around the office and trying to get adults with free time -who tend to work in offices- to volunteer for Access Sport. As many adults have smart phones I thought that it would be a good idea to design an app. The app would only be on a Demo version (easy level on 3 games) until they volunteer for Access Sport.
The app uses office equipment that transforms into sports equipment. These are the visualisations of my ‘Office Sports’ app

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