Beauty and the Beast


To create a piece of motion graphics and kinetic typography from a clip of music or a film using After Effects.


I chose a clip from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast because it has a range of emotions and I could visualise how it could work. Everything that it is this has been thought over carefully and I am very pleased with how it has turned out especially the illustrations.


Kinetic Typography Journal

Research Links:

Motion Image

Storyboarding and Editing


Motion Graphics

Kinetic Typography

Clips I may use for my assignment

The Lion King

Beauty and the Beast

Amazing Grace

Linkin Park-Numb

Out of these I chose the Beauty and the Beast clip because for me it showed the most emotion and I could see how I would express that emotion.


I have never used Adobe After Effects before, so this was a completely new learning curve. To get the grasp of After Effects I watched and did a couple of tutorials. These tutorials helped me learn the basics of After Effects and understand what After Effects can really accomplish.

The first tutorial was ‘Are you feeling lucky today?’ was a quick 3 second clip that you create. It can be found at this link- . The tutorial was easy to follow and I created my own version going through it.

The second tutorial can be found at . It is 1hour 50 mins. This is an overview of After Effects and after watching this and completing this you could class yourself as an intermediate on the software.

These are the short clips that I made

Koala Type Movement

Koala Camera Rig

There is a whole website specially for beginners of After Effects with video tutorials. This also helped me with some minor issues that the others didn’t, please have a look:


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