Dandelion and Burdock


Storyboard a 30 second TV Ad to promote Barr’s Dandelion and Burdock as an alternative to Coca Cola and other popular carbonated drinks. Develop a new tagline for the repositioning for either of the packagings. Aim it at young adults but not exclusively.


During my research I found out that some form of Dandelion and Burdock has been around since the Middle Ages so I thought about having a series of Ads going back in history and changing it through Dandelion and Burdock. This Ad is the preventions of the Great Fire of London.

Final Storyboard 1

Final Storyboard 2

Final Storyboard 1


D ‘n’ B Journal

Research Links:

Motion Image

Storyboarding and Editing


Motion Graphics

Kinetic Typography



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