Dada was an anti-war movement which moved into the art world through poetryliteracyart manifestos and eventually visual arts like Höch . The movement itself originated in Zürich, Switzerland and moved across Europe and ended up in the United states where many writers sought refuge during the First World War (Design is History).

Hannah Höch

Hannah Höch was a Dada artist who was one of the originators of photomontage art. Höch was one of a four women allowed to join the Berlin Dada organisation and for this reason her work is important and influential in the Dada movement (Design is History and Wiki).


Rauschenberg photomontage

This is a Robert Rauschenber photomontage that is influenced by Dada photomontage because they were the first people to use photomontage to express emotions plus the political views and that is what Raushenber does (Wiki).


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