Post Modernism

Post Modernism

Postmodernism for the most part in Graphic Design has been a visual and decorative movement. Within the design community it is used to refer to a layered, complex style or a post structuralist approach to architecture. This a movement that started in the mid 1960s. The end point to this movement is not defined and some even say that we have moved into a postmodern world (Armstrong, 2009:146).

Postmodernism has influenced the work of Katherine McCoy’s, you can clearly see this in her programme for the Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan during the late 1980s to late 1990s. Even though that designers and design critics contend that postmodernism, never really impacted graphic design as it did in other fields. Alternatively, some argue that it did but took on a different persona. But postmodernism never really struck to graphic design as it did with architecture, some even go on to say that this movement never impacted graphic design. Though it is likely it did, however it was probably more in the sense of re-evaluation and continuation of the modern – some argue that this happened in the second half of the 20th Century in the profession. Since it was ultimately the work of graphic designers that inspired pop artists like Warhol and Liechtenstein, and architects like Robert Venturi and Denise Scott-Brown, it could be argued that graphic design practice and designs may be the root of Postmodernism (Wiki, 2011).

Graphic design rose at the end of the seventies due to the Graffiti and Hip Hop culture, this movement, that took rebellious and even criminal cultural forms. Computer graphics was born as a mass hobby and this was a stepping-stone to the infrastructure of computer graphics today (Wiki, 2011).

Deconstructed Typography, Katherine McCoy’s programme at the Cranbrook Academy of Art


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