Anti-Loan Shark Campaign

This campaign was to make people aware of the dangers of loan sharks.

My solution was to show the contradiction that even though someone may look nice and friendly does not mean that they are. Therefore, my models are friendly but they look approachable too but they have a threatening saying on a distressed top they are wearing. These tops could also be sold to create an awareness on the streets as it will raise eyebrows.






It has been rumoured that these tops will go into production somewhere in the UK






Loan Sharks1_Craft and Digital Prouction Journal


The Advent Calendar links

Window 2:

Window 6:

Window 9:

Window 11: Part 1:

Window 12: Part 2:

Window 14:

Window 17:

Window 19:

Window 20:

Window 22:

Window 24:

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27 December


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