‘… younger generations have a sense of entitlement coupled with a paralysing fear of failure.’

“Basic’ skills are lacking in young generation[s]’. How can visual communications solve this?


The focus of this report is to explore why Generation Y are perceived to have many faults in the media’s eyes, Lutz kindly presents his opinions through Forbes and says that ‘Generation Y [are] going nowhere, and they’re fine with it’ (Lutz, 2012). ‘Each generation complains about the next’ (Parsons, 2012), this behaviour has been documented as a ‘seemingly never-ending cycle of generational clashes and the juvenoia that typically accompanies it’ (Theirer, 2012). A recent comment about younger generations sparked the interest for this report was “basic’ skills are lacking in young generation[s]’ (Modern Survival Blog, 2012). What are these ‘basic skills’ that younger generations are lacking in? This is what this report intends to find out; it explores none key stage skills that are needed to survive in the 21st century. Generation Y’s eating and drinking habits, their health – general and sexual -, their financial knowledge and whether they have any first aid skills will be explored because these are the basic living skills (Hoyt, n.d. and RedCross.org, 2013). Also Generation Boomerang and Narcissism will be investigated, as they are popular topics within the media. A questionnaire was distributed to identify Generation Y’s abilities when living independently as well as finding out what they think should change for the younger generation (if anything) so they are not in the same predicament. Recommendations are made at the end of the report to combat any problems that Generation Y have acknowledged and want changing for the next generation.

This is a very big report as it is my equivalent to a University dissertation. If you would like to read more please click on the link below.



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